1.Original import chip guarantee that lifespan and PAR.
2. Special lenses design, magnify that chip effect, 60 90 120 degree lenses, providing more footprint than HPS light.
3. Fully customizable spectrum, 12 band spectrum for customer choice.
   (Red are mainly 630nm 660nm, 660nm spectrum is better than 630nm spectrum for plant flowering.
   Although 660nm cost is higher than 630nm, we insist that product quality is best and take more 660nm for customer).
4. Take Double roller and low noise, lower noise, special appearance deisgn with certain radian.
5. Auminum heat dissipation , lower that temperature, extend that lifespan,  reaching that UL standard.
6. 24 Stage ‘mother earth’ Timing Function allows user to mimic the great outdoors like never before seen in indoor growing. Slowly waking your plants up in the morning and seeing them to bed every night. 24 separately set stages allow for light to gently turn on in the ‘morning’ (sunrise),
   intensify into full power (full day sun), then gently turn off in the ‘evening’ (sunset). Each of these stages can be set to the user’s desired duration
   and desired spectrum intensities.

Why to choose King Series LED grow light?

  • 3w and 5w mixed, improving 20% PAR
  • Aluminum shell, all lamp for cooling
  • 4 channel dimmable
  • 3 kind mode including 12 time point settable down to minute, sunrise sunset mode, manual mode


Ideal for all phases of plant growth and flowering, works well with water solution culture ,soil culture and hydroponics systems.


LED Grow Lights from King Series