We are a specialized distributor of high quality LED grow lighting products. We are dedicated to providing LED lights that are energy saving and environmentally friendly.

Through continuous research and development of LED lighting products, we are able to offer our customers leading edge LED technology that are affordable, practical and sustainable.

All of our products need to go through stringent testing processes to ensure quality. With an efficient shipping logistics team, we ensure our customers will always receive their orders promptly and accurately.

The manufacture insists on taking high technology to design the newest&best led grow light and aquariumlight constantly as the market request. Their R&D team with more than 20 people has rich experience inappearance design, electronic structure, heat dissipation simulation analysis, optical lens design, lightcontrol system etc. Most of their hydroponics full spectrum led grow lighting are private modules, they have 10 more design patent and utility model patent till now.

The led plant grow lights have elegant outlook andits high quality and competitive price.

We actively explore the best plan for the grow light lights, to satisfy our customers in  plant lighting, industrial lighting and special lighting etc. We have many kinds of grow led plant lights, long/square led plant lamp, 120w/200w/400w/600w/800w/1000w/1600w; COB & high power led growing lights.

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